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The center of Dance Music revolves around the one who keeps defining the genre. Niles Rodgers & Chic have been the blueprint for Dance floor Anthems for over 4 decades. Niles Rodgers talents extends to working with other artist and bands outside of Chic to expand his prolific career as a legend and visionary. THE RETURN OF DISCO, celebrates the Era by using the Music of Niles Rodgers , Chic, Madonna, Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, INXS and others that Niles Rodgers has written and produced for and the world continues to dance to.
THE NILES RODGES TRIBUTE BAND, takes you on a musical conversation of Disco, Dance and Soul Music which is the connective thread that binds the world together.   This is not the Music of any one place or time but the Music that defies a universal feeling and the Architect of this ongoing Musical collective is Niles Rodgers!!!    

Bring your dancing shoes and be ready to be entertained beyond every thought of what you think Disco is,....... THE UNIVERSIAL LANGUGE OF JOY!